Adding a fire pit to your backyard or patio to enhance the exterior beauty is one thing. But the magic it does to your family is another and the best thing about it. Fire pits are a great way to make your family sit together in cool evenings and chilly nights to enjoy some warmth. It gives off a great traditional vibe of a camp fire. If you have ever been camping and made a wood fire pit to spend a warm night, you must be able to relate.

When it comes to different types and shapes of fire pits, square fire pits are trending nowadays. We see most of the backyards and patios with a stylish square fire pit. If you are looking around finding the best one, you are in the right place. Following is a detailed review of the top best square fire pits.


Outland Living Brown Gas Square Fire Pit

This square fire pit is the Amazon Bestseller and comes with everything a square fire pit must-have. It has a sleek, good-looking design that actually adds to the beauty of your backyard/patio. It is not only durable and practical but multifunctional, as well.

The good thing about this square fire pit is that it offers enough space around the pit to keep plates and/or glasses as you enjoy your meal sitting around the fire pit. This way, it acts as a garden table.

It comes with polyethylene wicker surrounding Aluminum frame. This shows the sturdiness and durability of this fire pit. It is not only weather-resistant but will last for years.

The pit has 15.5 pounds of Arctic glass rocks for decorative outlook. The table surface around the pit has 8mm black tempered glass. What makes Outland Living Brown square gas fire pit more innovative is its low-maintenance needs. Also, it comes with an auto-ignition feature.

Overall, this is a great gas fire pit for people who do not want any smoke that produces irritation. Also, you need not worry about the fuel supply as it fits a 20lb propane tank right within the base. With this propane fire pit, controlling the flames will be easier as compared to any other fire pit. So when you are looking for the best square fire pit, do not forget to consider our winner.


  • Great design
  • Durable and multifunctional
  • It can fit in a 20lb. propane tank
  • Easy assembly
  • Auto-ignition


  • Some customers complained regarding the functioning of auto-ignition





Outsunny 32-inch Metal Square Fire Pit

This Outsunny 32-inch metal square fire pit comes constructed with powder-coated steel. This renders it as durable and study, be it snowy, rainy, or hot weather. The powder coat is good enough to save it from rust.

The good thing about this square fire pit is that it is multifunctional. The area around the fire pit offers enough space to keep plates and glasses. This allows you to have your meal while enjoying the heat. Also, it comes with a cover when you feel the heat to be too strong or want to add to the design of this fire pit.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that this fire pit does not come with a deep basin. As it burns on woods, you will need to keep the woods on flat plates this fire pit has. With that comes the need to dispose of the ashes every time you use your fire pit.

As the cover can get heated, make sure you use the poker to lift it up that already comes with this fire pit. Also, you will get a spark screen along with the poker and weather-resistant outdoor cover to protect your fire pit.

Also, the 32-inch size of this metal square fire pit is good enough for a small to medium-sized backyard and patio. It takes up a little space and offers multifunctional abilities as well. What else you need in less than $100? This Outsunny 32-inch metal square fire pit is all you need for warm winters.


  • Durable
  • Multifunctional
  • Sleek design
  • Comes with poker, spark screen, and weather-resistant outdoor cover
  • Great for small to medium spaces
  • Highly affordable


  • Burning and storing woods is a hassle
  • Needs immediate cleaning





Blue Rhino Outdoor Square Fire Pit

Blue Rhino Outdoor square fire pit is the best choice when you are looking for a smaller size, easy operation, and average heat output. Made of steel and fiberglass, it is designed to trap and radiate more heat than its 30,000 BTUs capacity. With its square design on four legs, this is the best minimalistic fire pit you might be looking for.

Overall, it features quite an attractive design on four legs.

When it comes to the operation, know that it is effortless and quiet. It turns on with a simple piezo ignition. As this fire pit operates on propane gas, you need not engage in any hassle. Also, the best thing is that it can conceal 20lbs. propane tank in its base quite easily.

The size and heat performance makes it a great choice for small to medium spaces. It is quite safe and offers a solid approach for chilly afternoons. However, when the weather is windy, you might have to remain indoor as this fire pit is not very capable of dealing with the wind.

Weighing 65lbs. It is not going to be easy to move this fire pit around. Before investing, make sure you are looking for a solid construction to keep in one place for a long time. Coming at a low price, it is a good fire pit overall. It is going to look sleek and make your outdoor space luminous enough!


  • Safe and solid
  • Durable
  • Conceals a 20lb. tank
  • Easy and quick auto-ignition
  • Inexpensive


  • Heavy
  • Offers 30,000 BTUs of heat only





Global Outdoors Adjustable, Tabletop Square Fire Pit

Global Outdoors adjustable, tabletop square fire pit is the most innovative fire pit on the list. Offering wood fire, you can greatly enjoy the heat burning out of the woods in a cold evening. The unique feature of this fire pit is the adjustable leg height it comes with. When you want it low, it remains low. When you want your fire pit to stand up, you can simply increase the height.

It comes with a deep basin to keep your woods in and ignite them. Also, the stylish tabletop adds more to the design and functionality of this fire pit. When not in use, put on the cover to keep it protected and reduce the chances of rust.

This square fire pit is multifunctional. The area around the fire pit is big enough to put some dishes and drinks as you enjoy the warm atmosphere this fire pit creates. Coming with a mesh fire screen, a poker, and a weatherproof cover, this fire pit is all you need to make the most out of cold weather.


  • Sleek design
  • Wood burning
  • Comes with mesh fire screen


  • Prone to rust
  • Requires maintenance





Landmann Barrone Covered Square Fire Pit

If your goal is to get a traditional, old-school fire pit, this Landmann Barrone Wooden Square Fire Pit with a Cover is all your backyard/patio needs. If there’s one word to define this fire pit, it’s none other than ‘beauty.’

Weighing 22 pounds only, this fire pit is greatly portable and easy to move around. This fire pit has been designed keeping adventurers in mind. It can be your best camping companion!

Also, its small size is the best thing for people having small backyards and patios. It takes up little space, so you have the rest of it to sit around it and enjoy the heat.

When it comes to igniting the fire, this wooden fire pit requires some effort. With its built-in wood grate, all you need to do is add sand to the grate, place woods and light the fire. However, you need not worry about cutting the woods as the area within is big enough to keep small wooden logs as well.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the handle of the cover usually gets warmed up. Therefore, it is best to use a poker to hold it when required. Also, know that the cover comes with a purpose in addition to the design. When not in use, put the cover-up to protect it from rain, water, and snow. This eliminates any chances of rusting.

Overall, this is a great choice for a high-quality, old-fashioned square fire pit!


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a cover for protection
  • Old-fashioned look
  • Takes up little space
  • Easy assembly


  • Prone to rust





Great Deal Furniture Lava Rocks Square Fire Pit

This Great Deal Furniture Fire Pit with great design and lava rocks is a real beauty. If you need a topnotch, superb quality, sturdy fire pit that is going to stay at a place for years, this fire pit is the best choice. This great lava rocks style square fire pit is made of magnesium oxide and steel. This makes it a low-maintenance fire pit, and so, you need not worry about cleaning or maintaining it regularly.

Being a handy fire pit, it uses propane gas as a fuel. For the people suffering from asthma or smoke irritation, this gas fire pit is the best option. It does not give off nauseous smoke to make you feel allergic or irritated. What makes this fire pit a good option is that it comes with the ability to conceal a 20lb — propane tank in its base. So you need not worry about gas supply at all.

However, one thing you need to know is that it provides only 40.000 BTUs of heat, which makes it a reliable fire pit for small spaces only. It is not going to emanate the heat you require in a major gathering. If you are looking to spend some time alone or with your partner, it offers enough warmth!

Even though it comes with a protection cover, the cover itself is not very durable. It gets flimsy over time, and you might have to get a new one to keep your fire pit protected. Overall, this is a stylish and good quality fire pit coming in a square shape to add to your patio.


  • Great for small spaces and less gathering
  • Unique lava rock design
  • Sturdy and sleek
  • Requires maintenance less often


  • Instructions are unclear
  • Flimsy protection cover
  • Gives off less heat


Final Thoughts

Square fire pits are the talk of the town nowadays. A lot of people are looking for square fire pits to enjoy cold weather to its fullest. With a verity of options available out there, it often gets difficult choosing one out of many. To ease that for you, we brought together the top 6 square fire pits. Choose the one that goes best with your requirements!

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