Landmann 26364 Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit (Review 2019)

Landmann 26364 Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit

In this post we are going to review the one of the best wood burning fire pits by Landmann, the Landmann 26364 Savannah Garden light fire pit.

We will go through it’s features, give you a full detailed review and also take a look at the benefits, the pros and cons (if any) and where to get it at the best price.


Main Features

  • Large 23-1/2-Inch Fire Bowl
  • Wood burning fire pit
  • Sturdy steel construction designed for easy assembly
  • Spark screen and poker included
  • Provides 360 degree viewing of the fire
  • Attractive, decorative cutouts on fire box create an incredible ambience at night

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The first thing we will look at in this review are the main features and to explain them in more detail.

The first main feature is the large 23-1/2-inch fire bowl, which gives you plenty of room for a healthy fire. The fire pit is also quite deep too and has a solid bottom without a hole in it. A good idea, and one that is recomended is to place about 5Ibs of sand in the bottom of the bowl to distribute the heat out evenly underneath the logs. The design of the wall allows heat to radiate outwards and, with the wire mesh that covers it makes it safe to use.

To assemble this pit is really very easy and, it is made from strong and sturdy steel giving it a quality look and feel when fully assembled. The installation consists of attaching four legs at the bottom of the pit, and the spark guard-supporting tabs on the rim of the bowl. The user manual is clearly written in both English and Spanish.

The Landmann Savannah 26364 fire pit also comes complete with a long “multi-purpose” poker, which is made of two halves that screw together easily. This comes in very useful when lifting the spark-guard dome lid whilst it is still hot. You can also use it for poking the logs or embers.

The spark screen that is also included covers the sides of the pit bowl and has holes of approximately 1/4 inches across it. The screen of the spark guard has smaller holes of about 1/8 inches.

The heat generated by this fire pit is 360 degrees, which means that everyone can feel and enjoy it.


Useful Tips

Athough you will find that the coating on the inside of the cauldron will last for quite a long time after you have used it for  a while, it is also a good idea to get a high-temperature, rust-resistant black spray paint and give it a couple of extra coats as well.


Common Questions And Answers

Does Landmann Savannah 26364 Fire Pit have a hole in the middle so that rain water can drain away easily?
No it doesn’t, however, the makers recommend that you place about 5 Ibs of sand in the bottom underneath the wood/logs, this will soak up any rain water that does manage to get in. You could, if you wish also drill 3 or 4 holes in the bottom.
How much wood does the Landmann Savannah 26364 Fire Pit hold?
This really depends on the size of the fire that you wish to build. For example, you could easily place 5 or 6 pieces of wood approximately 10 inches in diameter  and arond 5-6 inches in thickness without any problems at all. You can realistically place logs into it of  up to 23 inches in length! One thing to bear in mind with this  Landmann Savannah Fire pit is that it it may look rather small, however, it holds plenty of wood, much more than you may think.
Can the flames embers escape from the spark screen?
Again, this really depends on the size of your fire. If it is going to be very large then yes, it can happen. However, in most cases the spark screen will be adequate to contain most of the embers.
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