A glass fire pit is made with tempered glass, which is tumbled and polished in order to get rid of any sharp edges and to prevent any injury if someone comes in contact with it. The glass is meant to endure high temperatures without melting, burning or scorching when used in a fire pit. It is able to endure high temperatures without melting or burning or scorching when used in the propane or gas fire pit. Moreover, the glass does not emit any form of smoke or poisonous fumes, ash or soot at all. The glass is able to maintain direct heat and deflects light as an end result of burning fuel. The pieces of glass are usually small in size, more of a gravel size. The fire pit glass may be used in gas fire places or in fire pits, ornamental gas stoves as well as any other gas units which are designed to be used with lava rocks or even with artificial logs.

If you are deciding to go for a glass fire pit, make sure you do check up whether it is will appropriate for your unit. Glass fire pits can easily be used propane as well as with ethanol fire pits but not with the wood burning fire for obvious reasons. It is always advisable to check with the manufacturer before purchasing to see which unit it will work best with and what appliances are intended to be used with the fire glass.

Moreover, using propane in the fire pit is not cleaning burning and ends up damaging the glass over time through discoloration of the glass. So it is always better to use a dark colored glass if you are using propane.


How does the fire glass work

The fire glass is able to serve two purposes, as functional as well as for aesthetics. Fire glass quickly becomes a very popular alternative to ceramic gas logs and propane lines can create an unnatural visual of the flame. The fire glass creates an excellent way to cover up gas jets with exceptional crystals and look aesthetically appealing and is also able to increase the heat radiation by over four times!

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How is fire glass manufactured

The fire glass is goes through a very special treatment that ensures that the small pebbles are able to come in contact with hot flames without melting. The tempered glass product is a standard type of safety glass, which is commonly used for a wide range of applications such as computer screens, shower enclosures as well as windows.

The fire glass is manufactured from recycled glass and is an excellent re purposed product that is completely original as well as authentic. Since the fire glass is tempered, it does not melt or explode of put off any soot. Moreover, the fire glass is made up of the highest quality and so it does not emit any sort of harmful substances or by products in the air. The standard or the untreated glass on the other hand, may create a nasty odor and may easily explode as well. In most of the cases the fire glass is available in the form of crystals or the shape of small pebbles.


Where to purchase the fire pit glass from

There are many places where you can get the glass for the fire pit but you have to make sure you only buy from reputable places as there are all kinds of qualities available. There are safety concerns with buying and using the right type of glass for the fire pit and the cheap ones may be tainted and can crack or melt or they may discolor. It can even fly out of the fire pit or have sharp edges which make handling of the glass dangerous and even hazardous. It is thus always advisable to use only good quality of fire pit glass that has been formulated to withstand intense temperatures and not just simple recycled colored glass.  If you decide to go for a regular and cheap alternative, you can end up with melted glass and dangerous conditions.


How much fire glass is needed

How much of the fire glass that is needed depends upon the diameter of your fireplace and even on the depth of fill that you would prefer. The fireplace glass can be used for both indoors as well as for outdoor purposes. The fireplace can be the perfect addition to your house and not only is it aesthetically appealing but also ideal for creating warmth around the house and if you like it outdoors, it creates a beautiful landscape setting where you can enjoy the chilly evenings outside.


Fire Glass Calculator for Fire Pits

A fire pit glass can turn the most basic every day outdoor fire pit into something absolutely amazing. This tempered fire glass is used with gas, propane or ethanol burning fire tables, fire pits or stoves and to help cover the housing of the burner as well. Most of the times, the gas fires or gas stove do not seem very appealing to the eye and that is usually because you can easily see the plumbing of the gas and that is the reason why gas fire are usually hidden with attractive features such as lava rocks or ceramic fake logs which masks the elements of the fire pit. These features however, are also useful for making the fire more efficient by accumulating and radiating the heat. The fire pit glass is like a new alternative to the lava rocks and the fake logs. These are also used for adding color or vibrancy and additional heat to your outdoor fire pit.

Moreover the fire pit glass deflects the light in a pleasing and attractive way, especially if you use the reflective type of glass that has a mirrored finish on either side. The mirrored glass colors will reflect the lights making it sparkle and shine more than the regular or the standard type of the fire glass.  There are a wide variety of effects that can be produced by changing or mixing the colors of the glass, you may use warm tones like red or yellow or orange to create an illusion of a pile of coals, or you can even go for a completely different look and mix colors like blue and green.


Fire Pit Material Options

The fire pit comes in a large variety of shapes, sizes, styles and designs. There are numerous styles that you may easily choose from, depending upon your requirements. It depends upon what you like, what your family prefers, how much space do you have, whether you want it for the indoor or the outdoors, or do you want a portable one. It also depends upon where you live, in terms of how the weather is like in that place and more importantly, what are the state regulations or law of having a fire pit in your place. You might really want to have a great copper bowl that is the ideal size for your patio but if it is not up to the code due to your location, size or the prevailing winds, you will have to give up on that choice and go for a new one which can match the state laws and the regulations.

Once you have a basic idea of what you would like, maybe your family or the kids would want to have basic camp fire style pit where they can host sleep overs and roast hot dogs and make smores. Or maybe your partner and you would just prefer a basic chimney styled one. Whatever is your choice, once you are aware of the state laws and your own requirements you can start with the location of where you would like to place it. You might want to get something that goes with the overall architectural style of your house and complements the materials or the furniture of your place. Or maybe you can have the fire pit as a standalone and a striking object to be placed in your house that’s stand apart from the rest of the house and have it constructed in a traditional stone and stainless steel material.

Next, you must decide whether you want to have it build in the house permanently or you want something that is compact and lightweight. If it is constructed in your place as part of the house, you can’t obviously move it around. However, there is also the option of having a mobile and movable fire pit that can be moved indoors or outdoors, as you wish and you can even take it with you when you go for camping or for a night out to the beach. The permanent fire pits can be more of a focal point in your house and you can even incorporate seating along with it and is usually made with heavy grade materials.

The budget is also a very important part, in fact it dictates what you can and you cannot choose to buy. There are certain materials that are cheaper while some are expensive. You can go for cheaper materials like cast iron or a simple stone campfire ring where you can have add ons like eye catching gas fired fire pit that can be housed in a steel table and filled with fire glass. Even on a budget, the options are endless!

Another important feature that you must consider is whether you would be using the fire pit for cooking as well. In that case, you must consider a material that supports a grill where you can do cooking as well, such as roasting meats or marshmallows, as some of the fire pits are not designated for cooking. Most of the stone and cinder block or even the brick fire pits however easily accommodate grills and rotisseries.

Many of the smaller fire pits have a bowl type of a design that compliments any sort of setting. One drawback of having a metal fireplace is that it easily becomes hot and if you young children then it can be dangerous around them and you would have to keep them away.  Thus, there are so many options and varieties when it comes to choosing the material or the style and design or how you would like your fire pit to be.


Fire Pit Tongs and Pokers

When you are building a fire in the fire pit, it is extremely important to take care of safety and security. You need to burn the fire in the pit safely with the right tools on hand(Check Fire Pit Accessories Guide). A good pair of fire pit tongs is one of the most important tools you can get for the wood burning fire pit and a quality poker is yet another useful tool that is required. These two items are essentials for you to have and use in order to ensure you are burning safe fires and preventing a host of accidents.

There can be many hazards that are caused by fire, while a person is busy igniting it or adding or adjusting a log in the fire. Many a times, their clothes catch fire and they end up with burns. In order to prevent such accidents it is important to use the right equipment. Most of the fire pit tools do include a pair of fire pit tongs and their design may vary, depending upon the manufacturer. The tongs are used for grabbing the logs or to shift them around the fire pit. Most of the tongs are used to grab the log firmly and may have a claw or a scissor type shape and they should allow the user to grab and maneuver the logs easily. They also have insulated handles such as rubber or wood so that you do not burn yourself while handling it. The fire pit tongs are usually longer than the fireplace tool sets and have handles mostly 30 to 50 inches long. They are usually made of a fire resistant material such as cast iron or stainless tell or aluminum. The cast iron tongs are usually the heaviest in weight and the aluminum ones are the lightest.

When choosing the fire pit tongs, go for a material that best suits your needs and your requirements and what you are comfortable with when it comes to a good grip and strength. You can also consider whether you would be taking your tongs with you if you take your portable fire pit with you for camping and so in that case, go for something that is light weight and easily stored. Most of the good quality tongs have possible repairs options as well as lifetime guarantees.

A fire pit poker is yet another invaluable tool for keeping a fire burning longer as well as stronger. It is a long-handled tool that is perfect for rearranging logs which are in the fire or for breaking the logs that have burned through. Many users consider using a long stick works better for stoking the embers and for shifting the logs, but firefighters disagree. There can be many accidents that can happen when you are using too short or too weak sticks to tend a fire.

The construction should be a fire-resistant material, such as stainless steel, powder coated rolled steel, or cast iron. The end of a fire pit poker should have a hook or claw type of a prong, located near the tip. You should go for a length that is from 24 inches to 60 inches and choose the right length for your fire pit design, which ever works better with your fire pit.

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