Most of the people do not know how gas fire pits works or what exactly a fire pit burner is. Unless they are familiar with appliances that are gas fired.  There is always an option of having a professional put in a fire pit burner, if you are not aware of how it is done.


What is a fire pit burner

A fire pit burner, as the name suggests is used and installed inside a pit in order to produce flames. It is also used to direct the fuel either in natural has or a liquid propane fire fit. The burner looks like a metal tube that is made in various shapes and has holes in it. The holes allow the burning of natural gas, or propane to escape, producing the flames. They can be drilled as well as punched. The holes should be made along the whole length so that it gives a better flame and make it look natural as well.


Natural gas or Propane can be used for the fire pit

Many people like liquid propane when compared to the alternative of using natural gas. Using natural gas can be tricky as you need to take the gas line from the inside of your home to the outside area which a lot of people may not prefer as they would need a professional to end up digging in your patio to make it work.. This is why liquid propane is preferred: since the requirements are less.  Only a propane tank and hose for connection purposes. You should make sure though, that the burner must be correctly attached to the hose that connects the propane to the fire pit.


Decoration for your fire pit

A simple wood, propane or gas fire pit is now a thing of the past. Nowadays the owners would like to beautify it and make it look elegant and glamorous, something that would go well with the whole image of the fire pit. There are many ways to do that; you may decorate it with logs that are:

  • Ceramic wooden
  • fire glass
  • lava rock

The fire pit burners are available in all shapes and sizes including:

  • Stars
  • Rectangles
  • Squares
  • Rings

A fire pit that is either square or circular can have double burners, which are able to produce more flames for the pit.

The most common materials used are Aluminum and stainless steel since they are better quality and more suited for the purpose and they can bear the weight of the fire pit design(check out this stainless steel fire pit guide). Moreover these materials are also quite rust resistant as well as heat resistant. Furthermore it is useful to understand that you should only put the above mentioned materials ( lava, fire, ceramic, wooden) on to the fire pit burner make sure that they leave the holes free, which allows the gas to pass and have ventilation.

A basic burner may be used inside the fire-pit without a lot of problem and then it can be used whenever it is needed. However, there are other burners that must be connected properly. The hose or the pipe which supplies the propane or the gas needs be concealed properly from the view and also properly connected. The heat which is created from the fire pit burner is usually of the same temperature and the flame which the burner produces can be set easily, which makes it an ideal choice for any outdoor usage.


The Appearance

If you are generally concerned about the appearance then a fire-pit burner is probably not a good idea for you to get. Since the flame produces a type of a blue hue at the bottom: this is where the gas is used and it comes out of the burner.

There is a possibility however to get a better looking flame if there is a wood burning fire pit, but the burning of wood produces quite a lot of smoke as well as embers that can make using of using a fire pit not a great experience for a lot of people. A fire pit burner however can either give little smoke or sometimes even no smoke at all. The smell of gas or the propane sometimes leaks out.



Fire pits with fire pit burners are quite safe to use and are also quite economically friendly. They are also more convenient in the sense that it is much cleaner than the wood burning fire pits which require more of upkeep. The wood burning fire pit also produces a lot of ash which needs a lot of cleaning up. Moreover, with a wood burning fire pit, there are also many local regulations which must be adhered to. The propane and the gas burners usually does not produce much wasteful by products and so they do not need much cleaning apart from basic and regular maintenance that is actually quite simple and pretty easy.