The Ethanol fire pit, that is also known as bio fuel, is a spirit based fuel used for the fire pits. It is made by stirring up and purifying the starch yields like corn from cellulosic biomass such as the trees and grass.

There are a variety of benefits of using a Ethanol fire pit and the biggest benefit is that is the cleanest fire pit out of many other options. The reason is that it contains a vast amount of oxygen in its chemical structure. So this makes this option environmentally friendly and also makes it safe for human consumption and in fact, the Ethanol Fire pit is considered to be one of the top most developments to have happened over the last few years. Ethanol is a great substance to be used for energy and as an alternative for natural gas and fossil fuels.

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Ethanol fire pit means clean burning

When the source of gas is burned, the only thing that is produced as a reaction of combustion is carbon dioxide and h2o. There are toxic elements produced when the ethanol is burned and in its place, the two needed gases for the circle of life between animals and plants are both produced in great quantity. The whole circle appears somewhat like this, that the plants are used to make ethanol through fermentation that is a natural process. The fermented ethanol is then used to produce carbon dioxide and water and both are essential in order to make the plants grow and for them to survive. This carbon dioxide and the water can then be re fed to the plants that will one day be fermented in order to produce ethanol, this way fulfilling the clean circle of energy. These ethanol fire pits are modern, contemporary as well as energy friendly and environmentally safe than other options that are available in the market. They work the same way as the other fire pits and create an ambiance that can accentuate any mood.


The Advantages of an Ethanol Fire Pit

  • It burns quite clean without having any smell, smoke or any other toxins
  • It does not require a gas line
  • They are compact and portable and can be moved inside or outside the house
  • It is easy to light Ethanol
  • Ethanol is quite safe to use and does not produce any embers or cinders
  • It creates a beautiful ambiance

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The Disadvantages of an Ethanol Fire Pit

  • It does not work for things like cooking and roasting
  • There is no way to find out how much fuel you are left with
  • Does not generate as much heat as the wood or gas or propane does
  • It is quite an expensive fuel option
  • It is not easily available


An ethanol ignited fire pit does not work too well in windy conditions and unlike its gas and propane equivalents, the fuel of ethanol used in fire pits is not delivered at a high pressure so the fire is inclined to get trodden or blustered around none stop by the wing. Sometimes the ethanol fire pits which are used for outdoors uses glass guards in order to solve this problem, but not everybody wants to have that design and style in glass. Overall, ethanol is a great substitute for fire as it is a great options especially for those who want environmentally safe and friendly solutions.

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