Endless Summer LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl Review 2019 (w. Steel Mantel)

Endless Summer LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl Review

In this post we are going to review the Endless Summer gas outdoor fire bowl with steel mantel. We will go through it’s features, give you a full detailed fire pit review as well the benefits, the pros and cons (if any) and where to get it for the best price.


Main Features

  • Gas fire pit
  • 30 in. X 30 in. X 24 in
  • Hidden control panel
  • Rock bed and protective cover included
  • Sleek panels hide the gas tank
  • Lp tank not included
  • Item weight = 50.71 Ibs


Our Opinion

Find the right Endless fire pitThis popular hand crafted Endless Summer LP fire pit by Blue Rhino features a weather resistant Stainless Steel Mantel which adds to it’s durability and superior quality look and feel.

You will also notice from it’s stylish and decorative base that it has been designed to discreetly conceal the gas propane tank (which is not included), as well as the units control panel like the similar Best Choice Products CP Extruded aluminum gas outdoor fire pit table model.

This uniflame GAD1399sp Endless Summer LP gas outdoor fire pit comes complete with a 30,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burner and will allow you and your guests to enjoy the classic fire look and feel – without concerning yourself with the all the ashes that you would otherwise have with a wood burning fire pit.

Another attractive feature that comes with this unit are the pieces of colored fire glass that does a wonderful job of enhancing the  look and feel of the flames.



If you are at all concerned about setting it all up correctly then you needn’t be.  The assembly is really very easy and straight forward indeed, without the need for any tools whatsoever. All you have to do is simply turn the unit upside down and attach the four legs using just the one screw for each that is provided.

After you have attached the legs, you then simply install the side panels with four screws each (included with the unit).

Finally, you attach the front door with just the one screw, as well as the base that holds the propane tank and that’s it!

One person could easily put this all together relatively quickly, however, as the saying goes; two pairs of hands are better than one! There is also a  1 year limited warranty & protective cover that comes with the purchase of this unit.


Common Questions And Answers

What is the main material the Endless Summer Gas Outdoor Fire Pit with Steel Mantel made from?
It is made from stainless steel
Can I adjust the flame on the Endless Summer LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl With Steel Mantel
IYes, there is a dial attached that allows you to adjust the flame control.
What is the actual diameter of the area of the fire?
The fire area is actually a square 16×16 inches, which generates and radiates out a lot of heat but with most of the flames centered in middle.
What is the weight of the Endless Summer Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl with Steel Mantel?
It weighs approximately 50.7 pounds
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Overall, we found that the Endless Summer LP gas outdoor fire bowl with Steel Mantel was definitely one of superior quality and one of the most reliable and best performing of the Endless Summer Fireplace products currently around today for a very reasonable price.

The attractive look and feel of this unit would make a welcome addition to your patio or garden. Highly recommended!

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