Endless Summer GAD1401M Gas Outdoor Fireplace (Review 2019)

Endless Summer GAD1401M LP Gas Outdoor Fireplace

In this post we will be reviewing the Endless Summer GAD1401M gas outdoor fireplace. We will take a closer look at it’s main features, benefits, pros and cons etc, as well as where you can find if for the best available price.

Endless Summer fire places have been able to maintain a solid reputation by offering the best quality outdoor fireplaces to suit all kinds of needs as the alternative model Endless Summer GLT1343SP LP gas outdoor table top fireplace.


Main Features

  • Gas fire pit
  • Offers an amazing heating capacity of 8.79kW.
  • It comes complete with lava rocks.
  • It has been provided with a durable design, made out of weather resistant steel.
  • It is equipped with a 30,000 BTU burner made out of stainless steel.
  • There is a dedicated control panel at the base.

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Our Opinion

Buy a popular Endless patio fire pitOne of the first things that you notice with this elegant looking hand crafted Endless Summer table top fire pit by Blue Rhino, is it’s quality tile and steel mantel, which we think adds a touch of class to it’s overall look and feel.

The propane tank is also very precisely and coveniently concealed within its decorative base and control panel, which we think would make a very attractive and eye catching addition to your garden or patio area.

NOTE: The Propane tank is not included with this unit.

The fact that this Endless Summer patio heater comes complete with a 30,000 BTU stainless steel burner, also means that you will be able to experience the character and atmosphere of a classic fire, without concerning yourself with the ashes that you would otherwise have from a wood burning fire pit. Finally, the lava rock that is included with it certainly adds to the enhancement of the flames when lit.


Assembly Information

When it comes to assembling the Endless Summer GAD1401M outdoor fireplace unit you will be pleased to hear that it is really very indeed, and you will not need to use any special tools. The only tool you will need is a simple basic screwdriver.

Once you have finished assembling the top part of the unit, all you have to do then is to simply  turn it upside down and fix the legs into the right position. You will find that when it is fully assembled all the parts blend pefectly together. Just in case you do have any problems with it though, it comes with a 1 year limited warranty and protective cover.


Common Questions and Answers

Is the Endless Summer GAD1401M Fireplace ideal for all seasons? Yes, it can be used throughout the entire year.

Is the Endless Gas Outdoor Fireplace difficult to light up? No, in most cases it shouldn’t take longer than minute to ignite the fireplace.

Does the flame area on the Endless Summer Fireplace come covered? Yes, a soft cover is provided to the flames area of this fireplace. It goes throughout the table as well.



The Endless Summer GAD1401M is considered by many as one of the best propane gas fireplaces currently available on the market today. Also, due to it’s sturdy and durable construction you can also be assured that this unit will last you a long time and provide you and your guests with many a classic fireplace experience.  if you are looking for a higher quality and reliable propane fire pit this one will suit your needs!

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