Classic Accessories Veranda Chiminea Cover Review

Classic Accessories Veranda Chiminea Cover Review

Whenever winters arrive, the first thing that comes to your mind is to keep yourself and your home warm and cozy. Having a fireplace is imperative if you have a very cold climate at your location. If you have a chimney at your place, you must try the Classic Accessories Veranda Chiminea Cover which is designed to fit snugly into a chimney. The Chimney cover is loaded with features and is perfect for giving a try this winter season. It is available with a limited warranty of 3 years which you can avail if the cover is defected.


Durable construction

This cover is very durable and can extend the lifespan of your chiminea by protecting it. It has interior bound seams that strengthen the cover and there is high-density stitching on the material which makes it more durable. If you want to leave your chiminea outside when it’s raining or snowing, you can easily protect it from being damaged using this cover. You can cover your chiminea with Classic Accessories Veranda for as long as 6 months.

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Classic Accessories Veranda Patio Chiminea Cover, LargeWater resistant and repellant

The Classic Accessories Veranda cover is made up of polyester which is water resistant and easily repels moisture. It can easily protect the chiminea from the harsh weathers especially when there is too much moisture in the atmosphere. The cover has a protective backing that is made up of PVC and is completely waterproof. PVC material is the same that is used in the PVC pipes and it makes sure that not a single drop of water penetrates inside. Apart from this, there is a dark splash guard that protects the whole unit from getting muddy or dirty.



The cover is also well-ventilated in spite of being water proof. There are small vents present on the cover that allow the air to pass through and keep the interior fresh. Without these vents, condensation would build up and ruin the material of the chiminea. The vents are designed in such a way that no water from rain or anything enters through them and they are very small in size too.

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Paddled handle and elastic cord

There is a paddled handle at the top of the cover that makes the removal very easy. You just have to release the toggle of the drawstring and then unlatch the straps that are present around the legs. Then you can pull the paddled handle and remove the cover. Also, there is an elastic cord sewn at the bottom of the seam. You can also use the toggle there to allow the cover to snugly fit around the legs of the chiminea. There are click-close straps present at the bottom that protect the unit from wind. The straps will closely wrap around the legs and protect the chiminea from being damaged due to wind.

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  • It is waterproof and water repellant
  • The air vents reduce condensation and keep the interior airy
  • There is a 3-year warranty for sun damage, mold, and mildew
  • It fits snugly into the chimney
  • It has paddled handles for easy removal
  • High-density stitching makes it very sturdy and durable
  • There is a splash guard skirt which prevents it from dirt and mud
  • There are attachment straps and an adjustable hem
  • It has a stylish design


  • The dimensions are not as stated
  • The fabric is too heavy



The Classic Accessories Veranda Chiminea Cover is an ideal one for protecting your chiminea from harsh weather. The cover is meant to cover an outdoor fireplace or chimney and protect it from any type of damage. If your chimney falls within the measurements of this cover, it will keep it safe and secure. The cover is thinner at the top and has a wide bottom which can be tightened using the toggle.

The feature that is admired by most of the customers is that it is incredibly water resistant. It is made up of polyester on top and has a protective backing made up of PVC that doesn’t allow the slightest moisture to enter it. There are strong interior seams which make the cover very durable and sturdy. If you’re looking for a cover for your chimney, this one is a must try.

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