Best Portable Propane Fire Pits

On this page we will take a closer look at some of the best portable propane fire pits in 2019. Through our extensive research we have reviewed some of the best quality and best selling portable propane fire pits that we can recommend.

At the end of our fire pits reviews of the best portable we give you our honest opinion on which ones come out on top.


What Are The Benefits of a Portable Propane Fire Pit?

Some of the main important points to bear in mind when choosing to purchase a portable propane gas fire pit as opposed to a wood buring fire pit are:

  1. You do not have to find a constant supply of firewood every time to you use it.
  2. It eliminates the problem of having smelly and smoky clothing.
  3. No more having to purchase expensive firewood.
  4. Some states/counties have a ban on wood burning fire pits.
  5. Some states/counties do not allow you to transport firewood between them.
  6. If you are on a camping trip keep in mind that some sites actually prohibit the use of a wood burning fire pit.


So What Is The Solution?

The answer is simple – a portable propane gas fire pit!

When choosing to purchase one of these convenent alternatives to a wood burning pit there are many to choose from. However, here we have attempted to bring you a small selection of some the best portable models that we have reviewed below. Here are some other important points to bear in mind though before you decide on which one is the best portable propane gas fire for you.


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Lava Rocks Or Fake Logs – Which is Better?

The portable camping fire pits and portable propane gas fire pits that we have reviewed below come with either fake logs – which are made from a ceramic type 0f material, or natural Lava rocks. So, which is the best?

Of course, this will obviously be down to your particular preferences, however, here are a few points to consider first.

Fake Logs

If we take a look at fake logs for example, you will notice that they create the illusion of a real log fire. Also, because the logs are just in one piece you avoid the potential problem that you may otherwise have with lava rocks falling out everywhere if you don’t already have a cover, or if the unit is knocked over onto it’s side.

Lava Rocks

Many of the modern propane fire pits around today come complete with Lava rocks which help to distribute the flames evenly as well as radiating the heat well too. Just keep in mind though, that  Lava rocks can sometimes be a bit loose when sitting in your fire pit so care is obviously needed when moving it around in between and after each use.

So which is best? fake logs or lava rocks. Well of course, this is a matter of personal choice and opinion as both have their advantages.  Personally, we think that in terms of convenience the Outland Firebowl Premium and the Heininger 5995 with their fake lava rocks come out on top as the two best choices that we have reviewed and tested.

Both of these come with a separate case for easy storage and transportation and that we also recommend getting as an extra safety precaution – just in case you have a spillage with the lava rocks!


Portable Propane Fire Pits Buying Guide

Below are some important points to consider first if you are going to choose to purchase a portable propane fire pit.

Three things to think about when buying a portable propane fire pit:

  • Fire Pit Size: What size of propane gas fire pit are you going to need? For example, are you going to be using it for smaller groups of people, or, are you going to need a larger unit for larger gatherings?
  • Heat Output: What kind of heat output are you looking for?  In our list of recommended fire pits above we have chosen a selection of propane fire pits that all produce plenty of heat and flames to suit most peoples needs.
  • Budget: Of course, you will also need to consider how much you are prepared to spend when it comes to making your final choice on which are the best portable propane fire pits units to purchase. The Outland Fire Bowl and The Heininger 5995 are both very reasonably priced and recommended in our list of Top 10 picks above.


Benefits Of Propane Gas Fire Pits?

One of the main benefits of choosing a portable propane fire pit is that they come in various shaped tanks that allow you to attach them to the fire pit unit. This also has the added advantage of making them extremely portable.  Propane gas is also more cost effective and efficient than using natural gas and, you also wont have the problem of dealing with lots of smoke that you would otherwise get from a wood burning fire pit.

When making our final choice on which are the best portable propane fire pits 2017 around today  we narrowed the selections down to the list below. The Outland Firebowl Premium and The Heininger 5995 came out as our two best choices for the best portable propane fire pit.

Outland Firebowl Premium Portable Propane Fire Pit

Read our full review on this product here


Heininger 5995 Propane Fire Pit

Read our full review on this product here


​The Main Benefits of a Portable Fire Pit when Camping

  • RESTRICTIONS: When it comes to a camping trip there can often be issues at some locations regarding a lack of wood or camp site fire restrictions where the burning of wood fires is prohibited. The beauty of owning an outdoor propane fire pit is that you will not have this problem. Many of the portable fire pits on the market today are very lightweight, durable, and easy to assemble and carry around with you, making it a viable and alternative solution to a wood burning fire pit.
  • CLEAN AND INEXPENSIVE: When using a portable propane fire pit it is often very easy to find places that sell the actual propane gas too, as well as cleaner and less hassle than using a wood burning fire pit.
  • MORE CONTROL:  You will also have the added advantage of being able to get instant heat and flames from a portable propane fire pit by simply turning the ‘ON’ switch, as well as being able to control the size of the flames from the controls.
  • LOCATION: Because these portable propane fire pits are very light and easy to transport around you are not restricted as to where you place the unit.
  • IGNITION: Unlike a wood burning fire pit you  will have almost instant ignition with a portable propane fire pit.  Most have an easy to use ignition switch built in, whereas others are lit using a portable igniter. They also come with a handy foot hose attached, which is approximately 6- 10 feet in length on most units, so you can place the propane tank at a safe distance away and out of the immediate vicinity of the fire pit area.
  • SAFETY:  Another big advantage of having a portable propane fire pit is that there are no hot ashes or embers to have to worry about when it is in use, therefore eliminating the risk of fire accidents occuring with stray sparks.
  • HOME USE: Having a portable fire pit is not just restricted to camping trips either and can just as easily be used at your home too.  Many of the better quality portable fire pits are also safe to use on your deck or patio too, with most being insulated at the bottom of the pit for this purpose.


Propane Fire Pit Safety Precautions

  • NOT FOR INDOOR USE! Please keep in mind that a propane fire pit emits carbon dioxide and can be seriously dangerous if you ignite it indoors and not in a well ventilated outdoor area.
  • PROPANE TANK STORAGE: It is also advisable to place the propane gas tank well away from the actual fire pit unit when it use. This is what the hose accessory that comes with the pit is for!
  • GAS LEAKS: Make sure that you check the hose adaptor and regulator fittings before use as stated on the intructions.


Portable Propane Fire Pit​ – Different Features and Designs

Of the various propane fire pits and propane campfire pits that we have reviewed the majority of them were circular by design. Also, you will find that most of these portable fire pits come with an attachable propane hose as standard that you can fix to a small portable propane tank and the length is usually 8-10 feet on each unit.


How Long Does A Propane Tank Last On A Portable Fire Pit?

The standard propane tank size is approximately 20 Ibs, which is usually about the size that many barbeques run on today.

Take the Outland Firebowl Premium for example, you will be able to get between 7 -10 hours off of one 20 Ibs propane tank, depending on how you have the flames settings on your unit. Of course, the higher you have the flames will mean that more propane gas is being used during use



We have reviewed most of the top 10 best portable propane fire pits around today and, whilst many of them are very well made and of good quality we eventually narrowed our list down to the two best portable models that we believe exceeded our expectations in quality as well as value for money.

Of course, the final decision rests with you when it comes to deciding on which fire pit is the right one for you and this review is just our opinion on the best two that we have found.

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