Solo Stove Bonfire Review 2017-The Best Wood Burning Fire Pit?

In this article we give you our honest opinion and what you need to know first with our detailed Solo Stove Bonfire review, also known as the Solo Stove Campfire. We will take a closer look at it’s main features, benefits, pros and cons (if any), as well as where you can find if for the best available price.

If you are looking for a high quality Patio Fire Pit for your garden or back yard, then the Solo Stove Bonfire is certainly one of the best that we have found on the market today.

Main Features.

  • Solo Stove Bonfire, the world’s most unique fire pit, pushes the limits of both combustion airflow efficiency and minimalist outdoor design with its all stainless steel construction. It was painstakingly engineered to provide a backyard fire experience that cannot be duplicated. Our patent pending design sold over $1.1M sold on Kickstarter.
  • SECONDARY COMBUSTION – Double wall design maximizes airflow and burning process. Bottom vent holes allow oxygen to the feed the fire from below while simultaneously channeling warm oxygen up between the walls of the stove and back into the fire.
  • EFFICIENT BURN/LOW SMOKE – A more complete burn means little to no smoke. It also means no more half burnt logs to deal with.
  • NO MORE DODGING SMOKE – Since Bonfire burns with almost no smoke, you’ll spend less time dodging smoke and your clothes won’t smell. You’ll spend more time enjoying the fire!
  • EASY TO USE & PORTABLE – The Bonfire’s singular construction completely removes the need for parts and assembly. There is literally no setup. Heavy duty carry case included. Size: 14″ tall, 19.5″ diameter.

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 Our Opinion

When we first reviewed the Solo Stove Bonfire it actually came as a bit of a surprise to us just how good the quality of this particular unit actually is.  Apart from anything else, it is most unlike any of the other outdoor fire pits and outdoor fire places that we have come across to date.

This Solo Stove Bonfire has it’s own patented technology, that enables it to be easily manufactured into a very stylish and modern portable fire pit that allows you to be able to take it with you when on vacations and trips.

Hardly Any Smoke Or Ash

One of the main features of the Solo Stove Bonfire, and perhaps the best of all is that once you have it set up and burning, it produces hardly any smoke whatsoever!  Added to this is the fact that it produces hardly any ash during or after use either!  When we first heard these claims we just had to check out this unit for ourselves to see if they were actually true. Well, we can state right  here that this wonderfully made unit really does stand up to these promises. The most obvious benefits of this are: A) That it makes it extremely easy to clean up after each use and B) That your clothes will also not smell of smoke either!

How Does the Solo Stove Bonfire Work?

The unique way that The Solo Stove Bonfire works and differs from many other outdoor fire places is actually pretty cool.  First, it gets it’s power by placing either logs or larger sticks into the bottom of the unit where there are some air intake holes. These intake holes then suck air in towards the fuel source – the logs or large sticks.  As the air is pulled in, the double wall construction inside means that the air is heated up and directed towards the top vents, which also ensures that you get an extra boost of pre-heated oxygen. This then creates another additional secondary combustion, which results in the attractive flames at the top.


How Big Is The Solo Stove Bonfire?

The actual size of the Solo Stove Bonfire is 14 inches tall and 19.5 inches wide, making it very portable and easy to carry around.



Common Questions And Answers About The Solo Stove Bonfire

(Q) How do you clean the Solo Stove Bonfire after use?

Answer:  At the top of the unit you find a ring that lifts off easily, allowing you to simply tip any ashes out that you have left inside. However, you will be surprised at just how few ashes thare actually are.


(Q) Can I use the Solo Stove Bonfire to cook food on, such as burgers and hotdogs?

Answer:  Yes, you can very easily cook things like burgers and hotdogs with this unit.

(Q) Does this stove get really hot on the outside when in use?

Answer:  Yes, the sides can get very hot, however the bottom does not. As with any fire make sure that children and pets are kept back at a safe distance when in use.

(Q) Can you place the Solo Stove Bonfire on a wooden deck?

Answer: It probably isn’t a good idea to place it directly onto the wood, even though the bottom of the unit doesn’t get that hot.  As a precaution though, it might pay to place something like a concrete slab underneath instead, just in case.

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Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit Review (Updated 2017)

Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars And Moon Fire Pit (Review For 2017)

In this post we are going to review the Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit

We will go through it’s main features, give you a full detailed review and take a look at the benefits, the pros and cons (if any), and whether or not this fire pit is suitable for your needs and where to get it for the best price available.

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Main Features

Big sky firepit with stars and moons design cutouts and black finish
Sturdy steel construction with black finish
Includes cooking grate and spark screen with poker
Safety ring for easy transport
Large 23-1/2-inch fire bowl.

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The first feature about this particular fire pit that immediately catches the eye  are the moon and stars cut out designs that surround the middle part of the pit. These really do look impressive and create a wonderful ambience at night.

It is made of a sturdy steel construction with a black finish to it

Also Included is a full size enamel cooking grate and poker for stoking the fire.

From a safety perspective the spark screen that comes with this fire pit will protect your guests from any stray sparks thus allowing them to enjoy the 360 degree view of the fire with the stars and moons design cutouts.

There is a full diameter safety ring attached to it, which can also be used a foot rest, as well as making it conveient for carrying around.

The fire bowl itself measures a large 23-1/2 inches, and weighs less than 35 pounds. Because of it’s lightweight design this also makes it easy to take with you when camping, going to the beach, going on vacation and for using at home.


The assembly of this firepit is really quite easy to do indeed and it comes complete with full and clear instructions on how to set it up correctly

Common Questions And Answers

(Q)Should I use sand to place in the base of the Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit?

Answer: Yes, it is advisable to use sand when using this fire pit, The setup instructions recommend putting sand in the bottom of the pit to insulate the area below the pit and to protect the pit against the corrosive nature of the ashes. However, you can also use fire bricks as well if you prefer, by simply placing them into the sand.

(Q) Can I use charcoal/coal instead if wood with the Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. You can place the sand at the bottom, followed by a couple or more bricks, so using charcoal will be just as good as using wood.

(Q) Are there any other similar fire pits like the Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit, but with different designs other than the stars and moon one around the outside of it?

Answer: Yes, of course, you may want to check out these other designs that Landmann Fire Pits have to offer.


All in all, this a really good quality outdoor fire pit for the price. The size is perfect for around 4-8 people to sit comfortably around on a chilly night. The construction and build quality is very sturdy. It is surprisingly light and easy to move too. It can also hold a surpring amount of wood enabling lots of heat all around and keeping everyone warm. Higly recommended!

We recommend buying this Fire Pit from Amazon. You will not only be able to read the reviews from satisfied customers who purchased this product, you will also be able to see all the features that are included as well.

Also, if you are an Amazon Prime member you will get super fast delivery too. We highly recommend checking out this product using the link below.

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Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Pit Wildlife Review (Updated 2017)

In this post we are going to review the Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Pit, Wildlife

We will go through it’s main features, give you a full detailed review and take a look at the benefits, the pros and cons (if any), and whether or not this fire pit is suitable for your needs and where to get it for the best price available.

Main Features

Outdoor fire pit with spark screen and poker
Wildlife cutouts glow for a unique night time ambience
Black finish for less cleaning
Includes full-size cooking grate; full-diameter handle
Measures 23-1/2 inches in diameter
Large 12.5 inches deep fre bowl
Wildlife cutouts for great fire views
Full circle handle and safety ring
Sturdy steel construction
Includes cooking grate and poker

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Our Opinion

The first thing that you will notice about this particular Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Pit  is that you can really notice the quality straight away and the whole construction of it is very well made, heavy duty and looks and feels sturdy too.  It is also extremely easy to assemble and should not taken any longer than approximately 15 minutes or so to put it together.  It is also quite deep and large too, whilst stll being easy enough to lift.

An important point to mention here is that you will need to place approximately 5 pounds of sand into the bottom of the well, this is to help distribute heat evenly and to prevent corrosion from the ash.

The size of it is also rather surprising as well,  with a quite a deep well, and the lovely wildlife cut outs that surround the pit allows for an even cross draft too.

As an added bonus, you will find that the grill that is included with this pit is actually Teflon coated, which makes it very easy to clean.

This fire pit is an ideal size for most peoples needs and comes with a cooking grate, spark screen top and a poker.






Common Questons And Answers

(Q) How many legs does the  Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Pit have, and is it very steady?

Answer: It has 3 legs attached and yes, it is very stable standing on all 3 legs.

(Q) How much does the Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Pit weigh?

Answer: It weighs approximately 20Ibs when empty

(Q) What type of fuel can you use with the Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Pit?

Answer: The most common fuel for this fire pit are:  wood, charcoal, coal.

(Q) What is the Safety Ring used on the Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Pit for?

Answer: The safety ring is used to prevent ashes from being blown away in any wind or draft and causing fires.

(Q)  Does the Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Pit come with a grill to cook food on?

Answer: Yes it does and you find that there are also some pegs that go into the top rim which will hold the grill in place.


In our opinion If you are looking for an ideal quality low-price, portable fire pit, then this one is a great option and you can purchase it right here on Amazon.

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