Best Gas Fire Pits And Best Propane Fire Pit Tables 2017

Best Gas Fire Pits 2017 & Best Propane Fire Tables 2017.

On this page we will take a closer look at the some of the best gas fire pits 2017 and best propane fire tables 2017 that we have reviewed that are currently on the market today. We will give you a full detailed review on each propane fire pit that we recommend, and what things you should consider before making your decision on which one best suits your needs.

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What Are The Best Propane Fire Pits?

When it comes to choosing which gas fire pit is the best one for you to buy, it can get a little confusing with so many different models on the market today.  On this page we have highlighted a few of the best outdoor gas fire places and best gas fire pits that we have independently reviewed and can highly recommend as living up to all expectations. For example, why not check out the Endless Summer Fire Pits or Outland Fire Tables. Or, you might want to take a look at the Heininger Fire Pit.

You can find our full detailed reviews on each of these best propane fire pits and more on our Home page here

Are These The Best Gas Fire Tables And Best Gas Fire Pits In 2017?

Below you will find a list of our current top best gas fire pits best fire tables and best portable propane fire pits.

*NOTE: We are continuously updating and adding to these lists so keep checking back for further updates.

  1. Outland Fire Table, Aluminum Frame Propane Fire Pit – Read our full review on this unit here

2) Endless Summer GAD1401M Gas Outdoor Fireplace – Read our full review on this unit here

3) Endless Summer Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl with Steel Mantel – Read our full review on this unit here

4) AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit Antique Bronze Finish – Read our full review on this product here 


5) Outland Firebowl Premium Portable Propane Fire Pit – Read our full review on this product here


6)  Heininger 5995 Propane Fire Pit – Read our full review on this product here


Which Fire Pit Should You Choose?

When choosing which gas fire pit best suits your needs, you obviously need to take into account a few things, for example, the size and durability and quality. Are you looking for a more portable smaller unit that is ideal for small gatherings of people to sit around and enjoy or to take away with you on camping trips or vacation? Or, are you searching for a more permanent unit, such as a stone fire pit or brick fire pit which would look great on your patio or a flat garden area space?  You will find all the information that you need in order to help you make your decision on our home page here, where you will find links to each and every one of the outdoor fire pits that we recommend.

When independently testing and reviewing these best selling gas fire pits for the pros and cons we found that in terms of quality, durability and reliability, that these certainly lived up to all expectations.  It is also easy to see how these particular brands have become so popular in recent times with consumers who are looking for a quality and well made outdoor propane gas fire pit.

Propane Fire Pits And Gas Fire Tables Buyers Guide (Updated 2017)

Below are some important points to consider first if you are going to choose to purchase a portable propane fire pit.

Three things to think about when buying the best propane fire pit:

  • Fire Pit Size: What size of propane gas fire pit are you going to need? For example, are you going to be using it for smaller groups of people, or, are you going to need a larger unit for larger gatherings?
  • Heat Output: What kind of heat output are you looking for?  In our list of recommended fire pits above we have chosen a selection of propane fire pits that all produce plenty of heat and flames to suit most peoples needs.
  • Budget: Of course, you will also need to consider how much you are prepared to spend when it comes to making your final choice of which portable propane gas unit to purchase

What Are The Benefits Of Propane Gas Fire Pits & Gas Fire Tables?

One the main benefits of choosing a propane fire pit is that they come in various shaped tanks that allow you to attach them to the fire pit unit. This also has the added advantage of making them extremely portable.  Propane gas is also more cost effective and efficient than using natural gas and, you also wont have the problem of dealing with lots of smoke that you would otherwise get from a wood burning fire pit.

Questions And Answers

Here are some commonly asked questions when it comes to choosing which is the best gas table or portable propane gas fire that is best for you.

(Q) Approximately how long will a propane tank last with a gas fire table?

Answer:  This really would depend on the make of fire table or fire pit. However, you will find that generally a 20 Ibs should last approximately 4 – 5 hours if used on a continuous burn output, whereas if you choose to use it on a moderate burn it last for about 8 hours or so.

(Q) How do I light a Gas Fire Pit and Fire Table?

Answer: Many of the modern Gas Fire Tables and Gas Fire Pits today like the ones we recommend here come a built in automatic igniter switch that you simply have to to turn and hold in order for it to light up straight away. Of course, you should always refer to the instruction manual that would come with your purchase for full details about this.

(Q) Can I leave a gas fire pit uncovered when not in use, and what about rain water getting into it?

Answer: It is always a good idea to cover over your gas fire table/pit when you are not using it, and to purchase a suitable gas fire table cover that will protect it from both the rain and cold weather too.

(Q) Can I use a propane fire table when it is windy?

Answer: It is not a good idea to use your gas fire pit/table when it is very windy for safety reasons and we do not recommend that you do this.

(Q) Can I use any other type of fuel such as wood with a propane gas fire pit or table?

Answer: We would strongly suggest that you do NOT use any other kind of fuel such as wood when using your gas fire pit.  Apart from anything else, it could be extremely dangerous and could actually damage the product.

(Q) Can you cook food on a gas fire pit?

Answer: This is actually one of the most common questions asked when it comes to gas fire pits and gas fire tables. Our simple advice would be that it depends on what type of unit you are thinking of buying first of all as some units will most likely allow you to cook food over them. However, keep in mind that with some gas fire pits you may potentially have the problem of dripping grease and/or food droppings clogging up the small holes that are around burners. Finally, it could also affect the coloured glass and rocks that come with your table and make it more difficult to clean them afterwards.

(Q) Do Gas Fire Pits and Gas Fire Table Rust easily?

Answer: Again, this is another common question that is often asked when it comes to gas fire pits and propane gas fire tables.  The simple answer is yes, if you do not care and look after properly after each use.  When you consider that many of the more modern units contain steel as one of the materials used in their construction then eventually, unless you look after it properly it could start to rust in places.  You can of course always avoid any of this happening by investing a little more money and purchasing  a suitable fire table or fire pit cover.

(Q) Are Gas Fire Pits and Gas Fire Tables easy to assemble?

Answer: Many of the more modern gas fire tables and gas fire pits on the market today are in fact already assembled when you purchase them and have them delivered, meaning that you simply unpack them and you are pretty much ready to go. However, there are also a few that do require some basic assembly but these are  not complicated and, you can often have them fully set up and assembled in a short space of time without needing any special tools. Of course, there are some exceptions to this, for example, if you are thinking of buying a natural gas fire pit then obviously you will need to get a professionally qualified expert to install the gas line for you.

(Q) Do the logs or glass change colour on a gas fire table after a repeated use?

Answer: The short answer is that they should not change at all, even after many uses. You may find however that there could be a build up of carbon from the propane gas over a period of time, but this is nothing to worry about and is very normal and can easily be removed using just soap and water. Just remember to make sure that everything is dry again after cleaning and before using again!

(Q) Can you convert a propane gas fire pit to a natural gas Fire Pit?

Answer: This is really dependent on which fire pit or fire table you decide to purchase. There are some outdoor gas fire pits that have this option, but you will need to check your instruction manual first and to check if you are covered by any warranty on the product too.

(Q) What should I do If I smell gas coming from my fire pit? 

  • Answer: This may seem like an obvious answer to this question but it is still important nonetheless. If you do happen to smell gas then first of all do not attempt to ignite the unit! As you are dealing with a gas appliance you should also make sure  that you do not touch any electric switches nearby or use any type of phone. Instead, you should immediately call your gas supplier from your next door neighbour’s phone and follow their instructions. If you cannot get hold of your gas supplier for any reason then you should call the fire department straight away.


On this page we have attempted to bring you what, in our opinion we have found to be the current best propane gas fire pits and gas fire tables available in terms of cost, size, versatility and how easy they are to assemble and maintain.  You will find a more detailed and full review of each gas fire pit and gas fire table on our home page here

If you are looking to purchase any of the ones that we have recommended on this site, or, you are looking to buy the best value for money quality gas burning fire pits at an affordable price, and one that lives up to all expectations then we suggest purchasing one from Amazon and recommend that you get yours here


So there you have it!  We hope that this article has given you a more detailed review of the various types of outdoor fire pits and Fire Pit tables currently on the market today, and will help you when deciding on which product to buy. We have done our best to provide you with the latest up-to-date information and reviews on some of the top fire pits that we recommend today and hope that this helped you in making your final choice.