Best Outdoor Fire Pits Reviews

Buy the Best Fire PitsHere we will take a detailed look at some of the most popular and best outdoor fire pits in 2019, what they are, benefits, the best fire pits to buy and which is the right one for you.

You will find everything that you need to know with our honest outdoor fire pits reviews.

But how do you know which is the best and which one is the right one for you? With the ever- increasing growth and popularity, as well as the sheer amount of different models and brands available on the market today it can be confusing and time consuming trying to find a good outdoor fire pit to suit your needs.

There are a number of things you need to take into account and consider before actually going ahead and purchasing the one that caters for your tastes, and here is where we can hopefully help you and point you in the right direction when it comes to making your final choice.

If you are searching for a great quality reliable fire pit we will be taking a closer look at some of the best wood burning fire pits, as well as some of the best propane fire pit tables in and giving you our opinion on each one, as well as any pros and cons (if any).

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What are the best outdoor fire pits?

Whether you are looking for gas fire pit tables or wood burning fire pits when it comes to trying to find the ideal fire pit to purchase, the issue isn’t always where can you find one that is right for you, it is also where can you find the right one for the best price both quickly and easily.

You will find our genuine and real reviews on some of the best selling around today – without all the biased opinions that you may have read or heard elsewhere.

Why not see for yourself by checking out our top 10 recommended list of the best fire pits here

Here we have carefully selected a whole range of different fire pit units that we have recommended and that will cater for most peoples tastes, from some of the best wood burning to some of the best gas fire pits.

You will also find a question and answer section on every one of the outdoor fire pits that we have reviewed here and which will hopefully benefit you when it comes to making the correct choice on which one to purchase.

What is a fire pit

There is nothing better than owning a fire pit in your house and garden. It makes your whole area look beautiful with subtle warmth and glow and you can center all your social gatherings on it.

If you do decide to invest in a fire pit, it can prove to be overwhelming since there are so many options. This is a buyer’s guide, which can help you to narrow down your search for the perfect fire pit that is ideal for your needs and requirements and fit perfectly in your house/garden.

Benefits of an fire pit

There are many different types of fire pits that are available, depending on what are your preferences. The basic idea is to have a great source of warmth in your house that will make your evenings beautiful to relax in and host bonfires around it.

You do however have to decide which type you want, whether you want something that is portable and compact or a permanent solution.

There are many different options for which you can choose the fuel efficiency as well, whether you want the traditional wood fired one or other power sources. Whatever type of fire pit there is, the benefits are many, such as:

When it comes to fire pits, there is a large variety, on your own unique needs and requirements. They can be made up of clay or stone, especially those which are the permanent ones. The permanent ones are usually made with quite an elaborate design and style and tend to stand out where ever they are kept. Portable ones are also available which are quite compact and that makes it easy to transport them and you can take these with you to your beach trips or barbecues or where ever you desire!
Many people use fire pits as a form of decoration for their place as it adds charm and glamour to a place. Many other people also use the fire pit as a form of recreation or for keeping their social gatherings around it and then many other use it as a form of cooking by using a griller with it as well. It all depends from user to user, there are many options for using the fire pit and it depends upon your own requirements.
Fire pits can be extremely dangerous and prove to be a fire hazard if they are not installed and used correctly. Most fire fits however are quite safe and easy to use and that is why they are a household object. Majority of the fire pits that are permanent have some sort of walls on both its side which prevents any possible sparks to spread outside the fire pit.


Do you prefer a permanent fire pit or a more compact and that you can take along with you on even when you are travelling?

The large fire pits are usually permanent that can be build in your outdoor spaces according to your own specifications or you can do for the portable and folding ones, which you can even take along with you to the beach or for camping trips. Size is something that can help you to narrow down your search.

  • Large Fire Pit: Fire pits that are larger in capacity, and thus end up providing the user with a fire that is quite big. The drawback with the larger fire pits however, is that they end up requiring more work in order to maintain and clean them.
  • Mid-Sized Fire Pits: The ideal and most popular size is the medium sized fire pits. Not only does this size provide a nice a big flame in the pit, it can also provide maneuverability as well as convenience. This size is also able to hold up quite a lot of wood and since this is a popular size, it is available in great designs, shapes and styles. Moreover, the process of cleaning is also much simpler in this size
  • Small Fire Pit: If you think you would want to move around your fire pit often(why not go for the best portable propane fire pit?), or have not yet decided where you want to place your fire pit, then you are better off getting a small sized fire pit. The small sized pits are ideal to take with you when you are going out such as camping, hiking or for barbecues, etc. These small fire pits since they are so compact, can be folded as well and some of these are even equipped with wheels that help in easing the transport system and does not require too much ash clean up after use.


find the best gas fire pit tablesAnother important factor you must decide is the material. The materials help to decide who durable the fire pit will be and also be able to dictate the style of the fire pit. The overall style and design of your place can probably encourage you to decide which fire pit you should go for and your own preferences can also dictate which materials will be suitable for your needs.

One of the best features of steel as a material is that it could be turned or made into any type of shapes which obviously means that there are a lot of options which are available. If the steel however is left not protected then it is possible for it to rust gradually. Which makes the fire pit that are powder coated protected from changes that may take place with steel with time. There are some great high end steel fire pits which professional artisan hand make and whose work is really unique. The cheaper options are also available to buy in all types of sizes, designs and styles.
Brick pits, stone and tile are not just unique but also extremely artistic. Having a solid steel frame, the mesh body, with the stone being put on the mesh through standard masonry techniques. It is difficult to relocate the rock ones since they are quite heavy. Such kind of a fire pit should only be purchased when the user knows for sure that the fire place is in its permanent location.
It’s the most high end and luxurious option when it comes pits. These pits hardly ever become rusty, and those that are made from copper develop a great patina with time and this helps to make its more attractive. Copper can also be fashioned into many shape and sizes and it lasts forever. Generally the copper fire pits are more expensive than the other types of fire pits but are long lasting and permanent.
Cats iron is the most common type of a fire pit that is available in the market since it is inexpensive, works quite easily , and is also quite lightweight due to which the user can move the pit wherever they require it. This material is made up of quite a good quality but it is less strong than wrought iron ones and are not heavy either and being lighter in weight makes it simple and easy to move it around from one place to another.
The fire pits made up of stainless steel materials have some great inbuilt features since it is relatively more durable, stays rust free and is stays in a good looking condition if it is maintained well. Moreover, most people love the functionality and the practicality of the stainless steel pits but the drawback is that it is not very easy to find nice stainless steel fire pits and they are only available in limited number and designs.


find the best gas fire pit for heat

Another important factor that can help you to narrow down your search for fire pits is the function of the fire pit. How you intend to use the fire pit. Whether you just want it as a decoration piece or do you desire it just for the warmth or do you also want it to be great for cook outs, one that is equipped with a grill maybe which can be used for cooking. Your own choices and preferences can help you to decide which one you should opt for.

  • Grilling Fire Pits: When you are into outdoor cooking with the fire pit, a grilling fire pit is an ideal solution. It is established facts among the cuisines of the world that open fire cooked foods are the most delicious. That is why many fire pits are equipped with a cooking grate. It is also possible to purchase a grate individually and then utilize it with the pit that you have.
  • Fire Pit Table: A fire table has multiple purposes of use. They work obviously as basic tables where you can keep your snacks or your drinks while you are lounging near the fire place and at the same time it helps you to relax in your outdoor area by providing heat and warmth near the fire place. There are so many options available in fire pit tables which range from bar tables to coffee or conversation tables, whichever is your requirement for the fire pit. They are also available in so many different types of styles and materials from glass to wrought iron; you can also choose a style that complements your overall area to make it blend in easily with your overall furniture as well.
  • Fire Pit Art: Fire pit art adds décor to your fire pit and makes it stand out and give it a more of an interesting and different touch. There are many options to choose from when it comes to artistic fire pits especially with metal artists that have made great designs and art work which brings color and style to your yard. Moreover, these designs can also be custom made and you can get it done according to your choice which goes with your overall ambiance of the house.
  • Custom Fire Pits: When it comes to fire pits, there are just so many great ideas and options to choose from. The best possibility is a customized fire pit, made according to your own unique preferences and choices. It can really be a great decoration for your overall house, or your back yard. You can come up with many ideas for the custom made fire pit, like having your name carved on the pit, etc. Such fire pits are mostly constructed of copper and are quite long lasting as they do not rust easily if you maintain them well.

Fuel sources

Choosing a fuel source is also quite important and there are three types of fuel sources which you can choose from. These are wood, propane & natural gas. Each of these has their own pros and cons.

Wood Burning

The wood burning options is not very expensive and the most economical one out of the rest. This also creates a better fire which is hotter and ideal for the outdoors. The wood burning fire also creates a nicer and more authentic fire pit experience. The drawback of the wood burning option however is that the burning of the wood, that is starting of the fire takes a bit of time and also the storing of the wood can be a hassle as well as the disposing of the ash when the fire is done.

Liquid Propane Fuel

What makes a propane fire pit ideal is that it is equipped with a push-button that is used for igniting which makes it uncomplicated and easy to start a fire. There are not much of embers and ash that means the cleanup is also simpler than the other options. Moreover, the height as well as the intensity of the fire can also be controlled which implies that you can control whatever heat is comfortable with you. The liquid propane however is a bit more expensive and the fuel tank needs to be replaced when it is out of fuel.

Natural Gas Fuel

The fire pits that are run on natural gas are probably the most expensive ones and needs the most setting up cost, as it requires a professional to come and to set up your fire pit with a gas line. This fuel options however is the most practical and the most economical one in the long run, even though the set up is relatively more expensive than the rest of the options. It is also quite simple and easy to run on a daily basis using ignition and control. This option is also much less messier to clean up as well.

Wood burning vs Gas burning fire pit tables?

When it comes to deciding which kind of fire pit you are looking to buy whether it be wood burning, or gas burning there a few things to consider before making your final decision. Many of these versatile garden/patio features come in various shapes, sizes and styles, to suit most peoples needs

Of course, the main standard fuel source for wood burning fire pits are usually standard split firewood logs. Where as many gas burning fire pits run on liquid propane, however, they can also be adapted so that they they can burn natural gas too.

How to choose?

To further help you decide on one that suits your needs, here are some more important points to keep in mind before you make that final decision.

  • Assembly and Installation: If you opt for a wood burning fire pit then they are nearly always cheaper to purchase than a gas burning fire pit and can also be quicker to set up too.
  • Fuel Type And Storage: Another thing to keep in mind when making your choice is the fuel. For example, if you decide on a propane burning gas fire pit then you will need a storage space in which to keep the gas tank in when not in use. The same thing equally applies when it comes to where to store your firewood, you would preferably need a safe and dry place for this as well.
  • Accessibility And Convenience: One of the most immediate benefits of using a gas burning fire pit is that it is without a doubt much easier to use than wood. For example, with a propane fire pit all you need to do is to simply flick the ignite switch whilst holding the lighter to it safely in your other hand and you have an instant fire. Alternatively, with a wood burning fire pit you might have the issue of having to deal with all of the loose bits of wood and wood chips to sweep up afterwards.
  • Health And Safety: One of the most common concerns when it comes to deciding on which outdoor fire pit to buy are the safety issues and whether or not they meet all the requirements and levels of safety that you would expect. Of course, if using a gas burning fire pit there is always an element of risk regarding gas leaks, but, thankfully this is thankfully very rare if installed and set up correctly. The same thing applies when choosing to buy a wood burning fire pit, you should always take the necessary safety precautions, such as not putting too much wood on the fire, and making sure that the fire is put out properly after each use.
  • Environmental Concerns And Issues: If you have any concerns about environmental issues then try to keep in mind that when using wood as a fuel source for your fire pit it is actually a very renewable resource. However, with gas, you have the advantage of it being much cleaner, not to mention the added benefit of no more smelly or smoky clothing!
  • Converting A Wood Burning Pit Into A Gas Fire Pit: Did you know that you can actually convert most wood burning fire pits into a gas burning fire pit using an insert that can be easily adapted for using with either fuel type? These inserts are readily available both online and off and is dependent on the size of your unit. So, in reality, the main thing you will need to bear in mind when deciding on which fire pit to buy is the kind of fuel that you wish to use.


So there you have it!  We hope that this article has given you a more detailed review of the best fire pits and the various types of outdoor fire pits currently on the market today, and will help you when deciding on which product to buy.